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Silhouette - Thug 2 Rug Life T-Shirt

Silhouette - Thug 2 Rug Life T-Shirt

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Give them the Finger - Thug 2 Rug Life T-Shirt

- USA  sizes

- Colors available: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, Yellow. 

Thug 2 Rug Life

This signature shirt highlights the elements of transformation.  “Thug Life” has always been infused with hip-hop fashion.  I wanted to portray a rough and rugged past to a future of rewarding bliss.  If we look at the companions of the Prophet, many were lost without the guidance of submission. Ultimately, they had a thuggish mentality.  When they extinguished their lust and desire they humbled themselves before the Creator.  “Thug Life” inclines you towards an animalistic nature, feeding off the characteristics of evil, greed, pride, and wishing for notoriety.  The second journey manifests a voice of accountability.  The third development is inspired by your soul.  “Rug Life” Sajdah Al Hayat is illustrated in Arabic calligraphy.  It inspires detachment, satisfaction in gaining knowledge in repentance of humility, and adopting trust and respect for Allah.

Thug Life 2 Rug Life is a movement to reflect on the past and illuminate the path for others.

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